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Siberian Husky: Meet Her
and her hero
Zorra was to be euthanized the day I adopted her, which just happened to be my birthday. She wasn't the cutest dog; hairless, ten pounds under weight, kennel cough, worms, and a bad skin problem. I just couldn't let her die when I looked into her eyes. She talked Husky talk when I went down the kennels that afternoon. I thought I was doing her a favor by saving her, she repaid me by so much more.

I took her home and my husband was not impressed! She seemed pretty well behaved until the first day I left her alone. I came home to a mess: the couch was torn and thrown all over the house, the carpet was pulled up and the padding underneath was gone. I assumed she was hungry. My husband said take her back, and let me work on this. And I did. It was the last mess she made. Good food and veterinary attention gave her health, her coat grew in, her skin cleared up and she gained weight.

She has protected me twice from some strange people; she was actually showing her teeth and backing them away from me. She also helped in my four year old son's rescue on top of a snow covered mountain. He had climbed up to the top with some friends of ours, and when he had gotten to the top he panicked and was screaming down to our camp. Zorra took off and stood by him, and gently led him down to us. She usually doesn't walk... she runs, but she walked very slowly while our son held on to her collar.

She is the best! She seems to know everything we say to her. I suggest if you are thinking of getting a new pup, why don't you go to your local shelter, get an adult dog, and save a life. You'll be rewarded over and over. You will also find they have many purebreeds that were either turned in by their owners for reasons such as: they were moving, new baby on the way, they were allergic, etc. It wasn't that they were misfit; it was the owners' lack of commitment to getting and keeping the pet for the rest of its life.


Andrea, Devon, and Tayler

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