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The combination of kids and dogs seems natural. Indeed, the relationship can prove to be one of the most beneficial a child might ever experience. Where else might they enjoy unconditional love, an energy level as endless as their own and an absolute conviction that they are the most interesting and fun person on the planet. It is truly a case of wanting to be the person your dog thinks you are!

Tempered with this, an adult must take the responsibility to make sure that both dog and child are safe. The child must be protected from exuberance and perhaps, aggression. The dog must be protected from careless or heartless handling. While the relationship holds much promise, only an adult can insure those results.

With that in mind, DigitalDog offers lots of great information to help with bite prevention . It's definitely a subject that every parent needs to share with their kids whether the family has a dog or not! If you've not already had a chance to check out Doggone Crazy a board game all about preventing dog bites, you should! It's perfect for children and adults alike in sorting out the friendly dog from the fearful one.

But the 'Net offers lots of other opportunities for kids who love dogs! DigitalDog has developed content that spans the world wide web and is suitable for children. Surf from selections like:

- Dog Games and Quizzes
- Canine Coloring Pages
- Puppy Ecards
- Dog Crafts and Projects
- Canine Art , including tips on painting and drawing dogs.

- Writing about Dogs includes how to write poetry and stories as well as links to some wonderful written works.

- Dog Music from dog inspired tunes to music for dogs, this is fun and interesting!

- Puppy Animation from fabulous to corny, the net offers some extraordinary clips of animated dogs and the trouble they get in and out of!

Have you found more great content? DigitalDog would love to hear from you. Our visitors are always looking for more interesting and fun educational options for themselves and their children! Write to let us know!

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