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Young Irish Setter
sets a man straight...
Hi. My name is Kieran Finn.

Both my wife and I have trained Irish Red Setters and English Pointers for twenty years in field and show. In that time, we've come across some great characters in both breeds.

We all like to boast about our dogs and perhaps this is a story of how one man became honest (or should have) as a result of the integrity of his dog. Perhaps not a hero, but you can decide. A nine month old setter was sent to me for training, not because I was that good at training but because his big shot owner had better things to do than train his dog. Not that I minded, for it's an ill wind that blows no one good and I needed the bucks. The pup was with me for four months and turned out a good gun dog but...

His owner came to see him work and was impressed. He told me he was taking him to a big dog trial the next week and all entries were by invitation only (yuppies!), but seeing I trained him I could come along and watch. I probably was at more trials than he had hot dinners, but I went along anyway to see the pup. As soon as I got there I heard about this great setter this man had trained. Well! The cheek! Him saying he trained the pup, but I bit my tongue and watched.

All his big shot friends were there waiting to see this pup. As he walked to the peg to run his trial I knew there was something wrong. The pup looked very nervous, but the best was yet to come. When he told the dog to get on, the pup looked at him, lifted his leg and pissed on his shiny boots, then ran over to me! The whole place was splitting their sides laughing and I was listening to all I was going to be sued for. The judge knew me and to clear up the matter he allowed me run the dog, which I did. Although we did not win, the pup put up a good performance and gave his owner a lesson in honesty, a lesson his frends would never let him forget.

This is the kind of story I like.

Kieran Finn

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