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When was the last time you thought about the kind of sleep your dog gets?

While dogs aren't people, a variety of factors can impact how restful and beneficial their sleep might be. Puppies may not suffer the aches and pains of older dogs (or people) but they can still get a chill, feel overheated or have other discomforts (like parasites) that can seriously compromise their health and their rest. Older dogs commonly have some aches and pains that can move into full blown arthritis and more debilitating discomfort. So then many of us concern ourselves with medications, supplements, a good diet and exercise to help but how many of us also scrutinize where our aging pup gets their nap?

Giving thought to where and how your dog sleeps and checking it frequently for cleanliness and even the padding (the best of beds can get flattened over time) can make a notable impact in the overall quality of your dog's life. Additionally, watch how your dog gets up after a nap, do they move as it they are stiff or have a bit of a kink here or there? If so, a couple minutes of massage could help them tremendously as might a new bed.

The variety of beds available and materials they are made from can be daunting. Still the best reminder to check out your dog's bed and make sure it's clean and comfy is for your dog to have a great bed of their own and making sure their bed is in good shape is the most important aspect of providing them with a durable, comfy place to slumber. No surprise then that YourBreed offers great dog beds of exceptional quality and great colors that are stylishly over the top with a variety of artistic embroidery from your specific beloved breed to your dog's name. Just the thing to give you a grin and make sure you keep that pillow fluffed!

Sweet dreams for all and as we enter the time of year with longer nights, to all a good night's sleep!

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