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Gran Mastin de Borinquen

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Noted for a patient and loyal temperament.  The Gran Mastin de Borinquen is somewhat smaller and more substantial (for height) than many other mastiff breeds. 

By Breed Name
By Breed Name
General Information
Group(s): WorkingGuardian Height: 22-28 inches
Weight: 90-150 pounds Longevity:
Colors: fawn, black, white or brindle combinations Coat type: smooth to medium
Recognized Registries:
Overall Appearance:
Personaility - Behavior - Training
Energy Level:
General Nature:
  with Children:
  with other pets:
  with dogs:
Socialization requirements:
Ideal home characteristics:
Temperament Notes:
Training requirement:
Trainer notes:
Background Information
Year range of first recognition: Re-established in 1970s
Country of Origin: Spanish Colonial Times
Original Function: Puerto Rico
History: The Borinquen Mastiff is a blend of Spanish war Mastiffs, traditional island dogs (Perros Jibaros) and Latin American Molossers, all brought to the island to protect the settlers against the rebellious Caribbean Indians.
Adoption Information
Deviations from Standard:
Health Notes:
Health Testing:
Questions to ask Breeder:  - The Breeder Questions as listed here provided with explanations and answers you will want to be looking for!
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Other Resources
Breed standard:

General Appearance: Large size dog with stately manor and robust build. The dog has hanging ears, short to medium hair, square muscle, dewlap and hanging tail, thick root. The temperament is noteworthy for patience, composure, boldness  and courageousness.


Head: The skull, broad; stop rather abrupt; the muzzle, moderately long. The nasal bridge, straight; the nose large and black. The upper and lower jaws, strong; and teeth strong with strong canines and scissors bite.

Eyes: Relatively small and dark brown in color with expression of dignity.

Ears: Relatively small. Rather thin, and set on high of skull sides, hanging close to cheeks.


Neck: Muscular.


Body: The withers are high, back is level and straight. The loins are broad and muscular. Croup is slightly arched at top. The chest is broad and deep, ribs are moderately sprung. The belly is drawn up.


Tail: High, thick at root and tapering to the end which reaches close to the hocks.


Forequarters & Hindquarters: The shoulders are moderately sloping. The forearms are straight, moderately long and strong. The pasterns are slightly inclining and robust. Muscles of the hind legs are well developed. The joints of the stifle and hock are moderately angled and vigorous.

Feet: Closed, the pads thick and elastic. The nails hard and dark is desirable.

Gait: Robust and powerful.


Coat: Short to medium, hard and dense.

Color: Black, fawn, brindle or bone white; with any or all of these colors with brindeling. Splashes of white permitted, large or small, on head, chest, legs, or tail.


SIZE: Height: Males: 61 to 71 cm (24 to 28 inches); females: 56 to 66 cm (22 to 26 inches).

Weight: Males: 45-68 kg. (100-150 lbs), females: 41-57 kg. (90-125 lbs).

Height: Males: 61-71 cm. (24-28" in), females: 56-66 cm. (22-26 in).


Minor Faults: Snipey muzzle.

Breeder Ethics:
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