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Berger des Picard (Picardy Shepherd)
The Berger de Picardy was the ideal choice for the star of "Winn Dixie".  A winsome expression and high intelligence promised a performance of exceptional magic for the movie makers.  Indeed, Winn Dixie lives up to that potential with the tousled quality of the unkempt dog and the exceptional performance that can only be delivered by a professional of exceptional sensitivity, intelligence and work ethic.  Indeed, this is likely the ideal description of the Berger de Picardy's personality.
By Breed Name
By Breed Name
General Information
Group(s): Herding Height: 21-25.5 inches
Weight: 45-65 pounds Longevity: mid teens
Colors: grey to fawn with minimal white acceptable Coat type: wiry though not excessively long, with minimal undercoat
Recognized Registries: FCI, ARBA, UKC, NCA
Overall Appearance:
Personaility - Behavior - Training
Energy Level:
General Nature: Sensitive, intelligent and loyal, aloof to strangers, hard working
  with Children: Very good if properly reared and properly supervised
  with other pets: Varies, sometimes questionable with smaller animals
  with dogs: generally good
Socialization requirements: moderate to high
Ideal home characteristics: One that appreciates a dog with a strong work ethic, stamina and plenty of energy.
Temperament Notes: Prefers to be working or with its people (best if both at the same time)
Training requirement: moderate to high; socialization, basic manners and ongoing interest
Trainer notes: Like many of the intelligent Herding breeds, the Berger de Picardy is sensitive making it a poor choice for training methods that are not supportive and positive.  Given that caveat for those who (for whatever reason we cannot fathom) would prefer punitive training methods, the Berger de Picardy is a fabulous working partner in any of a number of endeavors.  Athletic, enthusiastic, loyal and filled with a desire to work a long day, the breed excels in any "job" as long as enthusiasm and praise is a part of the task.
Background Information
Year range of first recognition: In antiquity
Country of Origin: France
Original Function: Herding
History: Considered to be the oldest of the herding breeds of France, its actual start is lost in antiquity. Even so, it's rustic appearance and minimal popularity has compromised efforts to rebuild the population since WWI and WWII.
Adoption Information
Deviations from Standard:
Health Notes: hip dysplasia, eye problems, fertility problems, thyroid issues
Health Testing: OFA, CERF, Thyroid Panel
Questions to ask Breeder:  - The Breeder Questions as listed here provided with explanations and answers you will want to be looking for!

  • How long have you had Berger de Picardie?
  • Why do you have Berger de Picardie (show, performance, hunting, etc.)?
  • What do you consider to be the most important single characteristic of a Berger de Picardie?
  • What health issues have you seen in the breed?
  • What criteria do you set for your breeding stock?
  • Do you plan to keep a puppy from this litter?
  • How often do you have puppies?
  • Do you have a written contract and puppy guarantee?
  • At what age do you sent your pups to their homes?
  • How would you describe the ideal Berger de Picardie?
  • How would you describe the ideal Berger de Picardie home?
  • Are your puppies whelped in your home?
  • What advice would you offer someone in raising and training a Berger de Picardie?
  • Web Sites: With less than 100 Berger Picardy in the US at this time, no rescue seems currently organized.
    Other Resources
    Breed standard: Standard of FCI for the Picardie Shepherd UKC standard, unfortunately including some aspects that show a general misunderstanding of the breed that will hopefully be rectified soon

    Breeder Ethics: With less than 100 animals in North America at this time, it seems that little effort has been made in organizing a parent club for the breed or creating the supporting documentation like a code of ethics.
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