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Arubian Cunucu Dog
The minimal information available about the Arubian Cunucu Dog seems to indicate that the breed is essentially the surviving random bred dogs of Aruba. While this pariah type dog (pariah literally means cast off) with its characteristic curled tail, smooth coat, pricked ears and moderate body, varies in size considerably all over the world, many breeds are recognized within the type, most notably perhaps would be the Basenji.  As Dr. Pitcairn recognized many years ago, Nature has a preference for this type of dog so when left to its own devices, the genetics of dogs typically become this generic all-around dog type.  At the same time, without evidence of a standard, a specific pedigree or studbook it is very difficult to recognize the Arubian Cunucu Dog as a breed.  If you find this type of dog fascinating, its time for you to take a visit to your local shelter or rescue.  The ubiquitious "shepherd mix" is often of this type.
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