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Alaskan Husky
The Alaskan Husky is not recognized by any registry, it does not have an organized body of breeders and fanciers seeking to benefit and establish a standard for the breed's history.  As a result, breeders are free to breed and cross breed virtually any dog and call it an Alaskan Husky.  Popular as a working sleddog, there is little question that this name is not for a breed but rather for any dog that successfully embodies skills and attributes that makes it a desirable sled dog.  This means that the difficulty in the average person finding a good example rather than simply being taken advantage is very high indeed.  To find a good example of an Alaskan Husky would require a level of knowledge and experience that is not readily available online or in books.  There is no statistical information of health concerns or typical temperament or size or coat.  Clearly, these same limitations mean that there is no rescue for these dogs.  It is unfortunate that breeders would pursue producing pups without organizing to protect the future of those dogs through a recognized rescue. Please consider other breeds who's general traits are known so that you can be more confident of what you are getting into.  The Siberian Husky and Chinook are both breeds that might of interest to those who are intrigued by the generalities offered by the "Alaskan Husky" breeders.
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